3 steps to get rich FAST part 5 #shorts

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3 steps to get rich FAST part 5
►In this video you will find out how to:
3 steps to get rich fast part 5
1 – Find a mentor
if you’re just starting out in business try to find a mentor to help you
it is very hard to get someone’s attention when you’re starting but a good way to get access to people
is to buy their stuff.
buy their mentorship programs, courses, books and get access to them that way, a mentor will sky rocket your progress in business and in life.

2 – Build a network
Distance yourself from people that are toxic and have no ambitions,
but be VERY CAREFUL not to distance yourself from people that are you’re people and want to achieve similar things as you.
a high value network will be the stepping stone for your success.
in the beginning it will feel like you’re the only one in your circle that want’s something different from the status quo, but i PROMISSE YOU that it’s not, keep going and you WILL find your people, and when you do, there is nothing like it.

3 – Don’t marry your business

When you have a successful business they get emotionally attached to it.
Don’t. the worst thing you can do is get emotionally attached to ANYTHING in business…
if you have a very high profitable business ALWAYS consider selling it while you’re ahead,
unless you have the next amazon, there is a very high chance that in the future things wont go so well and you will have missed a huge opportunity to sell and make a profit.

and bonus tip number 4 – Don’t quit when it get’s hard
if you really want what you say you want, there will be roadblocks, be obsessed about what you want and DO NOT GIVE UP, unless you have a failed business and there is no future for it, if that is the case kill that business and change the vehicle and try again, but if there is someone doing that same thing successfully it just means that they know something that you don’t know, keep learning and keep trying until you find out what the missing piece is.
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